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AE DB Change

Modifying Exported Data

Most of the objects which have been exported from the databaseA database is an organized collection of data including relevant data structures. using the Transport Case can then be modified with the utility AE DB Change. Selected attributes of objects can be changed and strings in their scripts be replaced. Doing so simplifies the process of adjusting data to a different AE system or client.

The documents about attributes contain the column Accesses. If this column includes "Change Program", the particular attribute can be changed with the utility using a script file which assigned at program call. This file contains the statements which serve to adjust the attributes which are included in the transport file.

Folder names can also be changed with AE DB Change. The relevant attribute is FOLDER_NAME in this case.

Ensure that the transport file contains all attributes which should be changed. This is done by setting the parameter shown below to "1" in the utility AE DB Unload's INI file:


The effect is that attributes which do not contain values are also exported.


  1. Move all objects which should be adjusted to the Transport Case
  2. Unload the Transport Case using the utility AE.DB Unload
  3. Write one or several script files which contain the statements for attribute modifications
  4. Call the utility AE DB Change with the corresponding start parameters

Calling the Program

Start the utility AE DB Change in batch mode which also provides for the background processing of large data amounts. Processing and results are logged. The logfile name is specified in the program's  INI file.

Start the program from the command line using the following parameters:

The parameter -B starts the program in batch mode. -I serves to specify the INI file's path and name. Complete path specifications are required for the files. The parameter -L is used to determine the log file's language.

If the third parameter remains undefined, the name of the output file is the same as the name of the input file plus the ending "_New" or "_Neu", depending on the language specified with the parameter -L. Example: "uc_transport" (input file) becomes "uc_transport_New" (output file).


ucybchng -b -1c:\transport\uc_change.txt -2c:\transport\uc_transport.txt -3c:\transport\uc_transport_new.txt

Return Codes

When processing has ended, the utility supplies a specific return code depending on the occurred situation.

Return code



The utility has successfully ended processing.


The transport file does not exist or cannot be opened.


The script file does not exist or cannot be opened.


The transport and the script file do not exist or cannot be opened.


The output file cannot be opened.

5 The script file includes an error (see log file).


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