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Loading the AE Database

The delivery directory provides many versions of SQL scripts and databaseA database is an organized collection of data including relevant data structures. files in the DB directory. If the term <vers> is shown in the document, select the version you want to install.

1. Copying files in order to load the database
2. Generating the database
3. Selecting the authentication method
4. Installing partitioning with ILMStands for Information Lifecycle Management, which refers to a wide-ranging set of strategies for administering storage systems on computing devices. (optional)
5. Loading the licenses

Potential Problems

Further Files

The directory IMAGE:\DB\database\UC4 version includes several useful SQL script files for your database that can be used as needed.




Deletes all AE tables.

Use this SQL file when the installation could not complete successfully (for example, if there was not enough hard drive space). If not all tables could be created, this file deletes all tables that cause error messages. Check them or ignore them if no action is required.


For manual statistics updates.