AGENT Parameters

Systemwide variables that contain the parameters relevant for the Agents and Agent Groups.


  • Description: Defines the number of agents to be displayed in the agent list.

    The value specified here determines the number of agents to be displayed in the agent list and it is visible at the top left corner of the list itself. If a search result throws more agents than the value entered here, the system indicates it on the list, next to the value defined.


    If the AGENT_LIST_LIMIT has been set to 200 and the search resulted in more than 200 agents, the top left corner of the list shows Agents (200+).

  • Allowed values: 1 to 20000

  • Default value: 5000

    The default value is used if no value has been defined and if the value is set to zero (0) or higher than 20000.

  • Restart required: No


  • Description: Defines the maximum number of log-file changes for agents (per minute).

    The more agents an AE system contains, the higher the chance is that log-file changes are required for a large number of agents at the same time. Use the setting AGENT_LOG_CHANGE_PER_MINUTE to improve system performance by limiting the number of log files to be changed per minute.

  • Allowed values: 20 to n

  • Default value: 60

  • Restart required: No


  • Description: Defines the interval in minutes at which tasks that are waiting for the host of an agent group are checked.

    Tasks such as jobs or file transfers can run within an Agent group, see Agent Groups (HOSTG).

    The status of the task changes to Waiting for Host if no agent is available that is part of this agent group. This parameter defines the interval at which the system checks whether a particular agent is active, and if so, it initiates the start for the waiting tasks.

    Tip: The value for this setting should not lie below the interval at which the agent attempts to establish a connection to the AE system. Specify this value by using the RECONNECT_TIME key in the UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT variable. For more information, see UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT - Host Characteristics.

  • Allowed values: 1 to 60

  • Default value: 10

  • Restart required: No

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