Bookmarking and Sharing Links

Bookmarks give you quick access to the views that you usually work with. You can bookmark all views (reports and requests, for example), filtered and grouped lists, and the results of the advanced search. You use the standard functionality of your browser for this purpose.

You can also share views with other users. Copy the URL of any view that you want to share and paste it into your e-mail or messaging system. Do this for any view in the perspectives, objects, reports, all tables, and monitors that you want to share with a co worker. You can also share filtered lists, the grouped list of tasks in the Process Monitoring and the results of the advanced search.

URL Structure

Sharing links and bookmarking views is possible because the URL contains detailed information about the view that is open. For more information, see Structure of the URLs.

To Share a View

  1. For objects and tasks, make your object search or set the filter options for tasks.
  2. To copy the URL, select it and press Ctrl+C.
  3. Paste it to you communication medium (e-mail, internal messaging application, and so on).
  4. Send the link to another user, who can copy and paste the URL in the browser address field.
  5. If the user who received the link is already logged in, view with is displayed. If the user is not logged in, the Login dialog is displayed first. After logging in, the view is displayed.

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