List of Agent Variables

Agent variables store Agent information and settings. They are either available as VARA objects in Client 0 or they are directly stored in the database. If they are stored in the database, they are referred to as virtual Agent variables. For information about Agent variables and their syntax, see Virtual Agent VARA Objects.

This topic provides the list of available Agent variables.

Agent Variables in Client 0

Virtual Agent Variables

Virtual agent variables are usually defined in the [VARIABLES] section of the Agent INI file. The values of some Agent variables are automatically retrieved by the Agent. In this case, there is no need to define them in the INI file (see the table below).
When the agent starts, all virtual variables will be passed on to the Automation Engine.

Important! It is not possible to define variables other than that are listed below. Although you can create user-defined variables, they cannot be read.

The following Agent variables are available:

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