Search for Use

The Search for Use function lets you search where an object is used in other objects. This helps you understand object dependencies and the potential effect of modifying, transporting, exporting or importing, deleting or otherwise handling your search object. The Search for Use function is available from all lists that contain objects, from combo boxes, and from the global search dropdown list.

  1. Right-click your search object and select Search for Use from the context-menu.
  2. A list opens up that contains all the objects in which your search object is used. For each of these objects you can see the following information:

    • Name

    • Title

    • Type

    • Platform

    • In Folder

    • Used in

      This column shows you the exact location in which your search is used.


      • Your search object is used in a Workflow. This column shows Task(2). This means that the object is the task number 2 in the Workflow.

      • Your search object is an Include called JOBI.JOBS.STD_POSTSCRIPT. It is used in a Job. This column shows Post Process(Line 4)/:INC JOBI.JOBS.STD_POSTSCRIPT . This means that your search object is used in line 4 on the Post Process page of the Job.

    • Last Modified

    • Opened by

      If another user has opened this object, this column indicates who.

  3. Double-click an object in the list to open it and see where your search object is used. Alternatively, middle-click it to open it in a new browser tab.

    Tip: If the object is used in a Workflow or in a Schedule, the Workflow or the Schedule opens to show you exactly where in its structure that particular task is located. The task is highlighted.


The following restrictions apply to the Search for Use function:

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