Before You Start

Before you start working with your system, you must prepare your browser as follows:

  1. Clear your browser cache.

    If a page has changed after an upgrade, clearing the cache ensures that you see the current one.

  2. Allow pop ups in your browser.

    To keep your systems safe, your browser might be blocking pop us. The Automic Web Interface uses pop up windows to show certain content, for example when you open views in new browser tabs. Configure your browser settings to allow pop ups for the website that opens the Automic Web Interface.

  3. Now you can log into AWI. For more information, see Logging In and Out.

  4. Enable web notifications.

    When you first log in to your system, your browser asks you if you want to enable web notifications. Web notifications are messages displayed for a few seconds by your web browser. Each browser displays them in a slightly different way.

    Automic Automation uses web notifications to inform you of active Requests when you are logged in to multiple Clients. You need the web notifications because each Client opens in a separate browser tab. If a request is triggered for a Client that is not in focus, a web notification draws your attention to it and provides a link to the Client. These notifications ensure that you do not oversee important requests.


    • Web notifications and Notification (CALL) objects are not the same. Notification (CALL) objects are executable objects that may trigger web notifications.
    • Your system supports web notifications for the following web browsers:

      • Chrome (https only)
      • Firefox
      • Edge

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