Automation Engine and Apache Airflow

Apache Airflow is a workflow orchestration service that helps you design, schedule and monitor pipelines that spin hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Broadcom's Airflow Agent Integration establishes the connection between the Automation Engine and the Apache Airflow on which your Airflow DAG jobs run. The Airflow Agent starts the execution of these jobs and makes both their monitoring and the corresponding reporting possible.

Automic Automation Run DAG Jobs start and monitor Airflow DAGs on Apache Airflow environments. The Run DAG Job that you create in Automic Automation represents the Airflow DAG on Apache Airflow, not its tasks. When you execute the Automic Automation Run DAG Job, you trigger a run of the Airflow DAG on the target Apache Airflow environment.

The Airflow Agent Integration documentation is available at under Components > Cloud Integrations.


  • This integration capability, like all integrations of the Automic system, can support service orchestration workflows. Such workflows orchestrate automated processes that run across multiple platforms, domains, and applications to deliver a specific IT service. For more information, see About Service Orchestration.

  • The release cycles of the Airflow Agent Integration are independent of the Automic Automation ones.