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Script statement: Adds recipients to a notification at runtime.


:ADD_ATT RECIPIENT, Recipient, [Calendar, Calendar Keyword]




Name of the attribute that should be added.
Format: AE name, script literal or script variable
Allowed value: "RECIPIENT"


Name of a user, user group or email address.
Format: script literal or script variable


Name of a Calendar object.
Format: script literal or script variable

Calendar Keyword

Calendar keyword within this calendar.
Format: script literal or script variable


This script statement can only be used in the Process tab of a notification. It adds the specified user, user group or email address to the list of recipients that should be notified. Calendars can also be specified. In this case, the recipient is only notified if a defined calendar keyword applies.

Recipients that have already been specified are overwritten because this script statement does not change the Notification object. The modified recipient list only applies for the particular execution.

Refer to the report to see the recipients that have been added by this script statement.

Note that the user must be indicated in the format User name/Department which complies with the name of the User object.


The following example adds the user "BU/AE" to the list of responsible recipients in a notification. This user is only notified if a valid calendar day exists in the calendar "READINESS".


The second example informs all members of the user group "ADMIN".



See also:

Script element Description


Removes recipients s in a notification at runtime.
:PUT_ATT This is used to change the value of an attribute during generation.
:PUT_ATT_APPEND Extends the notification's message text at runtime.
GET_ATT This function returns the values of a task's attributes during generation.

Supplies part of the message text in a notification.

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