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Installing the Agent for Databases

The following document describes the hotfix installation process for databaseA database is an organized collection of data including relevant data structures. agents.

This installation guide can be used for Windows and for Unix.

Agents for Databases can be used either to execute jobs and events or to retrieve values of dynamic Variable objects (source: SQL). Note that different configurationA set of constituent components that make up a system. This includes information on how the components are connected including the settings applied. and start parameters are required depending on the intended use.

Automic strongly recommends installing the agent in a separate directory.

Supplied Files

The files that belong to the database agent are stored in the directory IMAGE:AGENTS\SQL.

Additionally, two empty folders (Temp and JDBC) are supplied. The Temp folder stores log files, and the JDBC driver must be installed in the JDBC folder.


1. Installing the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

If JRE is already available in the required version, this step of the installation process can be ignored.

2. Installing the Agent
3. Installing the JDBC driver

Additional important notes

5. Setting up the system environment

Database Agent for Jobs and Events 

Database Agent for Variables

6. Starting the Agent

Use the ServiceManager to start or end the agent as a service.