Messages U40065xx

U04006500 Message: '&01'
U04006502 Entry wrong or missing!

Explanation: Complete all mandatory fields (shown yellow). Details about input formats and validity areas are available in the UC4 Documentation.

U04006503 '&01' was modified at '&03' by user '&02'! Do you want to overwrite the modified object?

Explanation: &01 = Object name &02 = User object &03 = Time

U04006505 Object '&01' could not be deleted because it is being edited by '&02'.

Explanation: Close the object or reset the opened flag (privilege required), otherwise it cannot be deleted. &01 = Object name &02 = User object

U04006506 Object '&01' could not be deleted because it is in the Transport Case.

Explanation: Unload the Transport Case or remove the object from the Transport Case manually. Then it can be deleted. &01 = Object name

U04006507 Object '&01' is active! You can not delete this object while it is active.

Explanation: Wait until the task ends or cancel. Then, it can be deleted. &01 = Object name

U04006508 Could not find the object. It may have been deleted or renamed.

Explanation: The specified object does not exist. Check whether * there are typing errors, * the object has been deleted or * the object has been renamed meanwhile.

U04006509 Message structure '&01' not found
U04006519 An object named '&01' already exists. Please choose a different name.

Explantion: Regardless of the object type, the name of the object must always be clearly specified. Choose another name by using the permitted characters (A-Z, 0-9, $, @,_,. and #). TimeZones may have 8-digit names and all other names for the different object types may consist of up to 200 characters. &01 = Invalid object name

U04006520 The entered passwords do not match. Try again.

Explanation: Is there a typing error? Perhaps the caps lock key is locked?

U04006521 No report found.

Explanation: No report is available in the following cases: * The object has never been executed. * The report has not yet been transferred. * Starting the object was not possible. * The report has already been removed from the UC4 database using the utility UC4.DB Unload.

U04006522 Please enter a valid client name (numeric max. 4 digits)

Explanation: Select a four-digit client number. Any number ranging from 0001 to 9999 can be used.

U04006523 Could not establish a connection to AE system '&01' (IP address: '&02', Port: '&03') in a timely fashion. \Please check if CP/WP-servers are running, the connection data in uc4config.xml are set correctly and the database service is available.

Explanation:Check the connection data in the configuration file uc4config.xml.Enter the DNS name or TCP/IP address of the computer on which the communication process is running in <connections>. Also enter a valid port number.&01 = AE system&02 = IP address&03 = port

U04006529 This task is not yet active or not active anymore.

Explanation: The action you selected can no longer be executed because the object has already ended. More details are available in the object's statistical overview.

U04006530 '$01'
U04006531 Valid entry required!

Explanation: Please check spelling and syntax. Details are available in the UC4 Documentation.

U04006533 Error E# '&01' - '&02'

Explanation: The connection to the UC4 Server was lost. Possible reasons: * The UC4 Server is not active. * There is a network problem.

U04006534 Unable to move object '&01'. An object of this name already exists in the target folder.

Explanation: &01 = obect name

U04006535 Action aborted. The referenced Link does no longer exist.
U04006536 The Object was modified. Please save it beforehand.
U04006537 At least one operator has to be entered.
U04006538 The Object 'Client' cannot be moved to a folder.

Explanation: The client object is always found in <No Folder>.

U04006539 Unable to copy folder '&01'. A folder with this name already exists in the target folder.

Explanation: &01 = Folder name

U04006540 Cannot delete folders which contain other folders.

Explanation: Delete the sub-folders first.

U04006541 Object '&01' could not be restored, because an object with this name already exists.

Explanation: The deleted object can only be restored when the object of the same name has been renamed. &01 = Object name

U04006542 Copying from system '&01' to system '&02' is not permitted
U04006543 Copying from client '&01' to client '&02' is not permitted


U04006544 Object type '&01' can not be copied to a different client.

Explanation: Folders cannot be moved from one folder to another. The same applies for Users and UserGroups. &01 = Object type

U04006545 Objects cannot be dragged to the Recycle Bin, Version Management or Transport Case folder of a different client.
U04006546 Objects in the Recycle Bin cannot be dragged to a different client.
U04006547 An object named '&01' already exists. The object was not copied.

Explanation: &01 = Invalid object name

U04006548 '&01' is a variable referring to an object in Client 0 and cannot be renamed.
U04006549 '&01' is a variable referring to an object in Client 0 and cannot be duplicated.


U04006550 was not found.
U04006551 Read-only text.


U04006552 replaced.
U04006556 The entered name contains an invalid character: '&01'

Explanation: Names of elements and attributes should comply with the XML naming convention. Letters, numbers and the characters "-", ".", "_" are permitted. Also bear the following rules in mind: 1) The first letter of a name must neither be a number, nor ".", nor "-". 2) The name must not include blanks. 3) Do not use colons as they are reserved characters in xml. 4) Names must not begin with "XML", regardless if upper or lower case letters are used. &01 = Invalid character

U04006557 The Root Node cannot be deleted.
U04006558 A connection to system '&01' client '&02' already exists.

Explanation: Open another DialogClient if you require a second connection to this client. &01 = UC4 system &02 = Client

U04006559 Objects from system '&01' cannot be used in system '&02'.
U04006560 Objects from client '&01' cannot be used in client '&02'.
U04006565 The group was modified successfully.
U04006567 No data for Monitor view available.
U04006569 Cannot modify job '&01' because the task is not longer in a waiting status.

Explanation: No modifications are possible when the Job is already being processed at the destination computer. &01 = Job object

U04006570 User '&01' could not be moved because it is being edited by '&02'.

Explanation: The User object can only be moved when it is already closed or when the opened flag has been reset (privilege required). &01, &02 = User object

U04006571 Object '&01' has been changed at '&03' by using script (script element: '&02'). \Do you want to overwrite this modified object?
U04006572 Could not create XML-DOM object because of an invalid data format: '&01'
U04006574 Write permission (W) must be given to you or to a UserGroup you are a member of.

Explanation: As soon as authorizations are assigned to an object, access rights for all other Users and UserGroups are no longer granted. At least one User or UserGroup must have write access to this object in order to be able to modify the object at a later time.

U04006575 Job RunID '&01' has not yet been generated or has no JCL.
U04006576 Objects in the Recycle Bin cannot be transported.
U04006577 Objects of type '&01' cannot be transported.

Explanation: The following object types cannot be transported: folders, Agents, clients and Servers. &01 = Object type

U04006578 Workflow RunID '&01' has not yet been generated. No data available for monitor.

Explanation: &01 = RunID of the Workflow execution

U04006579 Runtime: At least one ELSE option has to be defined.
U04006580 WARNING: Modifications in object '&01' may affect running processes. Save anyway?

Explanation: The object you modified is currently being executed. Your modifications might therefore affect the processing of the task. Refer to the UC4 Documentation (chapter "Inside UC4) which contains a list of all modifications which do not influence processing. Note: If tasks are already in the status "active", they are not affected by modifications anymore. &01 = Object name

U04006581 File name of destination can not be defined by *.*
U04006582 Object '&01' is no longer marked as being edited by you. Save anyway?

Explanation: A user has removed the opened flag from this object. Regardless thereof, your modifications will still be stored if you want to do so. &01 = Object name

U04006583 The definition of periods in variable 'UC_CALENDAR_PERIOD' is incorrect. Please check it according to the documentation.

Explanation: Adhere to the following rules: For validity keywords: period name/year For the values: YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS Additional information about Calendar periods is available in the UC4 Documentation.

U04006584 No data for Monitor view available. Would you like to open the Monitor of the last run of '&01'?
U04006585 Rows or columns containing tasks cannot be deleted.
U04006586 Error found in object '&01', line '&02'. ('&03')

Reasons: * Script lines are limited to 255 characters per line. * The first part of the Variable name must be unique (it is not possible to use &TEST and &TESTPLAN, for example) * Script usage does not correspond with the required syntax. Highlight a particular script element and press the F1 key to get more detailed information about its syntax and usage. &01 = Object name &02 = Script-line number

U04006587 A Variable with 'No scope' can only have one single entry. The field Validity Keyword of this entry has to be set to '*'.

Explanation: The following entries are required in the Variable object: Validity keyword: * Value: any value (depending on the data type)

U04006588 Unable to move folder '&01'. The destination folder is a subfolder of the source folder

Explanation: &01 = Folder name

U04006589 Unable to copy folder '&01'. The destination folder is a subfolder of the source folder

Explanation: &01 = Folder name

U04006591 Timeout: Server did not respond to request '&01'.

Explanation: The UC4 Server has not reacted to this attempt to log on. Try again or contact your UC4 administrator.

U04006593 Selected tasks do not have a predecessor and/or a successor.
U04006594 The entered object was not found or has a wrong type.
U04006595 No data available for this view.
U04006596 Single Logon is not permitted on this client platform
U04006597 Could not find File '&01'. File '&02' will be used.
U04006598 A Keyword '&01' already exists. Please choose a different name.
U04006599 Could not find the documentation in the specified path: '&01'. Please enter a valid path in uc4config.xml

Explanation: The UC4 Documentation cannot be opened via the DialogClient. Solution: Check the path of the following XML element in the DialogClient's configuration file uc4config.xml: <docu type="type">path</docu> &01 = Invalid path