Name Type MSSql Type Oracle Type DB2 Type Postgresql Nullable Description
AJPPF_AH_Idnr int NUMBER(38,0) int int false reference to the object header (OH)
AJPPF_AJPP_Lnr smallint NUMBER(38,0) smallint smallint false reference to the jobplan process (JPP) , always 001
AJPPF_Source smallint NUMBER(38,0) smallint smallint true 1=VARA, 2=ARRAY
AJPPF_SourceName varchar (200) VARCHAR2 (200 CHAR) varchar(200) varchar (200) true Name of VARA or ARRAY
AJPPF_Column smallint NUMBER(38,0) smallint smallint true Used only if Source=VARA
AJPPF_PublishAs varchar (32) VARCHAR2 (32 CHAR) varchar(32) varchar (32) true Name of the VARA under which the value is available in the ProcessFlow.
AJPPF_LoopCount int NUMBER(38,0) int int true number of loop iterations
AJPPF_LoopIterator int NUMBER(38,0) int int true current loop iteration


Name Fields Primary Unique Clustered Nonclustered
PK_AJPPF AJPPF_AH_Idnr, AJPPF_AJPP_Lnr true true true false

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Name Local References Foreign References

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