Name Type MSSql Type Oracle Type DB2 Type Postgresql Nullable Description
OSLF_Client smallint NUMBER(38,0) smallint smallint false number of the client for the SLO filter
OSLF_Name varchar (200) VARCHAR2 (200 CHAR) varchar(200) varchar (200) false name of the object for the SLO filter
OSLF_OType varchar (8) VARCHAR2 (8 CHAR) varchar(8) varchar (8) false type of the object for the SLO filter
OSLF_NotifyType smallint NUMBER(38,0) smallint smallint true Defines if the WP sends a message to the JWP when a task starts or when it ends or in both cases. 0 = send notification on start, 1= end and 2=both


Name Fields Primary Unique Clustered Nonclustered
PK_OSLF OSLF_Client, OSLF_Name, OSLF_OType true true true false

Foreign Keys:

Name Local References Foreign References

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