Name Type MSSql Type Oracle Type DB2 Type Postgresql Nullable Description
OV_OH_Idnr int NUMBER(38,0) int int false ID of the object.
OV_VName varchar (32) VARCHAR2 (32 CHAR) varchar(32) varchar (32) false Name of the object variable.
OV_Value varchar(max) CLOB clob(20480 k) INLINE LENGTH 30000 COMPACT text true Value of the object variable.
OV_ERTUsage smallint NUMBER(38,0) smallint smallint true Indicates that the variable is used for the ERT calculation. 0 = not used for ERT calculation, 1 = nominal, 2 = numeric, 3 = timestamp, 4 = date, 5 = time


Name Fields Primary Unique Clustered Nonclustered
PK_OV OV_OH_Idnr, OV_VName true true true false

Foreign Keys:

Name Local References Foreign References

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