Name Type MSSql Type Oracle Type DB2 Type Postgresql Nullable Description
RTYP_Type varchar (4) VARCHAR2 (4 CHAR) varchar(4) varchar (4) false type of the report
RTYP_Text varchar (50) VARCHAR2 (50 CHAR) varchar(50) varchar (50) true description
RTYP_Caption int NUMBER(38,0) int int true ZUHELP key for headline (caption)
RTYP_Flag smallint NUMBER(38,0) smallint smallint true 0= standard report, 1=dynamic report (caption in rh_title)
RTYP_StartType smallint NUMBER(38,0) smallint smallint true 0=start reports at end of job; 1=start reports at job start


Name Fields Primary Unique Clustered Nonclustered
PK_RTYP RTYP_Type true true true false

Foreign Keys:

Name Local References Foreign References

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