UC_JOB_CHECKINTERVAL - Periodic Time Check in the Automation Engine

This variable contains the interval time for the periodic time control of the Automation Engine.

The variable is supplied with client 0000. Its setting is globally valid for the whole system of AE. These settings can only be changed from within client 0000.

Certain functions of objects, i.e. the time entry in the dependencies feature of a workflow or the starting time of a Schedule object, require a periodic checking of the actual time. This variable defines the interval for this check and so defines the accuracy of the system. You can enter a value between 10 and 60; entering any other value (for example, 5 or 65) results in an actual check interval of 60 seconds.

The check interval affects both the MRT (Runtime Page) and the MORT monitoring in Service Level Objective objects (Service Level Objective - Fulfillment Criteria).



New start required


Time interval

Default value: 20 Seconds


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