Script Function: Causes the log file to be changed






Name of the component whose log file should be changed
Format: AE name or script variable

The following components can be specified:

  • Communication process
  • Work process
  • Agent
  • Agent group

Return code

"0" - The log file has successfully been changed.
"20223" - The specified agent group does not exist.
"20722" - The indicated server process, agent or agent group does not exist or is inactive.


This script function prompts the log file to be changed.

In the variable UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS, the administrator can set system-wide specifications for the number of days or the size of the log file (in MB). The log file is changed if the specified values are met. It is also possible to specify temporary changes which apply until the system is restarted. Do so in the Properties tab of the System Overview. The place of storage for log files is determined in the server's or agent's INI file.

If a agent group is specified, the log files of all corresponding agents changes. An error number is not returned if one of the agents is inactive and the log file cannot be changed.

Keep in mind that changing the logging of one work process automatically applies to all work processes.


In the following example, the log file of all work processes is changed.


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