Script function: Calculates forecast data for future activities



Return code

"0" - Forecast data was successfully created


The Auto Forecast provides information about tasks that will run within a specified period of time, thereby providing a comprehensive view on future activities. Forecast data can be calculated manually in the UserInterface or with the script function AUTOFORECAST. Forecasts are then created for all active schedules and events.

This script function only calculates forecast data for the client in which it is used.

With the script statement :ON_ERROR you can determine the reaction to an error. As before, you can analyze the error with the script functions for error handling. The script will continue to be processed. It is also possible to cancel the processing of the script.

Please refer to the document "Auto Forecast" in the chapter UserInterface to get further details.

The script statement causes all open transactions of the script to be written to the AE database.


The following example shows how this script function can be used.


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