Period Object (PERIOD)

A period object helps you quickly provide the parameters required when you run an object with the Execute Recurring option. The parameters define when and how often recurring executions should run. By defining period objects for typical recurring specifications, you can have a group of templates to help save time and support consistency when you execute recurring tasks. For setting details, see Defining a Period Object. For sample definitions, see Examples of Period Objects.

Object Definition


Executable objects can be run recurrently. When you do, you need to provide several specifications about when and how often it should run. Rather than entering the specifications from scratch each time you start a recurrent execution, you can define the recurrent parameters in a period object and later load those values into your recurrent executions in one step. If needed, you can modify the values for your specific situation, using the pre-defined values as a starting point. Using predefined Period objects helps you start objects with recurring executions faster and more consistently.

Where You Can Use a Period Object

Anywhere that you can execute an object and you choose the Execute Recurring option, that is:

When starting a recurring execution, you can select a period object and load its parameter values. You can use the values exactly as defined in the period object or modify them further as needed before starting the recurring execution.

Planning and Managing Period Objects

When you load a period object into your recurring execution you can still modify all execution-related settings. You can even change the object's title text to better describe your specific recurrence specifications. In this way, think of your period objects as templates.

Use the title to provide a short description of the parameter settings or the purpose of the period object. This will help people find the period object that best suits their execution needs. This title can also appear on the Tasks list and can give people more insight when monitoring the tasks. For example, a period object, PERIOD.WEEK_NIGHTS might have the title "Weekday nightly runs".

Execute Recurring While the Object is Running

You can start a new execution of an object while a previous execution is still running. If you use the Execute Recurring option, the recurrent execution parameters go into effect after the current run completes.

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