Agent Groups (HOSTG)

An agent group combines agents of the same platform and enables execution of jobs, file transfers, console and file system events. You can add agents by entering the agent name or by applying filters.

Object Definition


To be able to execute tasks you require an agent, which starts and monitors them, and provides the current status information. In addition, they distribute the workload deciding which tasks will be started in which agents. For example, you may want to execute a task such a workflow with many jobs on more than one agent. For this purpose you create an agent group, assign it the corresponding individual agents and define the workflow on the agent group.

Agent groups allow you to:

Which Agent in the Group is Used?

When you define an agent group, in addition to specifying the platform on which it runs and the agents that are included in the group, you also indicate the Mode. This is the criterion used by the group to distribute the workload, that is, to decide which agent in the group will be used for processing each task.

The following modes are available:

When does Agent Allocation Occur?

When you create an object, you specify when it should be generated. You do this on the Attributes Pages of Executable Objects. For example:

You have two possibilities:

An agent group can only contain agents of the same platform.

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