Queue Object (QUEUE)

Executable objects are always processed within a Queue object. Queues determine the maximum number tasks that can run in parallel as well as their priorities. Although they are active objects, Queues cannot be executed.

Object Definition


You assign a Queue to an executable object

If an object has no specific Queue assigned to it, the system automatically uses the CLIENT Queue to process it.

Queues can be assigned to the following objects:

The number of objects that you can assign to a Queue object is not limited.

Viewing the Queues in your System

All the queues that are available in the client you are logged into are visible both in the Process Monitoring and in the Administration Perspective.

The Process Monitoring in client 0 provides overview of the Queue objects of all clients.

Symbol Description
"START" - Object execution of the Queue object is active. The max. queue slots must show a value above 0.
"STOP" - Object execution is deactivated. No further objects of the queue will start.
The Queue object's max. slots are "0" - i.e. it is not possible to start tasks. This status depends on the setting specified in the Attributes tab and on the modified queue slots. The queue's status is "START".

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