Remote Task Manager Object (JOBQ)

Remote Task Manager objects monitor and control external processes (that is, non-Automation Engine operations).

Object Definition

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This object allows you to display, start, cancel, intercept and monitor external operations, that is, operations that run on applications outside the Automation Engine.

In a Remote Task Manager object you collect the filter criteria that identify the external tasks that you want to control. The external processes that comply with those criteria are then displayed on the Tasks window of the Process Monitoring perspective as sub-tasks of the Remote Task Manager object (the hierarchical view must be activated for this purpose). Their object type is JOBD. For example:

Remote Task Manager (JOBQ)

As JOBQ objects deal exclusively with external transactions, they are no longer displayed in the Process Monitoring as soon as they have ended. Only canceled child tasks remain visible and can be deactivated.

Tracking External PeopleSoft Processes

For the Remote Task Manager to be able to control and keep track of processes that are independent of the Automation Engine, the following prerequisites must be met:

See UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT - Host Characteristics.

Adding Processing Steps to External Operations

In the Child Post Process page you can add a script to be processed after the tasks returned by the JOBQ object have ended.

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