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About the Process Monitoring Perspective

The Process Monitoring perspective is the main working area for operators and managers; it displays comprehensive data on active and inactive tasks. It provides various tools to filter and group them and gives you access to all the commands you need to work with your tasks.

The main page shows the list of activities according to the selected grouping and filtering criteria. You group them using the Tasks pane on the left; you define further filtering criteria on the Filter pane on the right. Further details on a particular task are displayed when clicking the Details button on the toolbar.

Right-clicking a task opens a context menu that provides all the functions that are available for that task given its status and your user privileges. This includes accessing the monitor views for Workflows, Schedules, Job Groups, and Agent Group Containers, where you can modify their settings also at runtime.

The marked areas on the illustration below are the main elements that you will use for your work with the Process Monitoring perspective. Click on them to open a short description of the main functions.

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