Quarantine Page

The Quarantine page is part of the Administration perspective. It displays intercepted internal system messages to make checking them easier.


Internal messages control processing based on objects and their settings. Thus, checking their contents is of high importance.

Invalid messages which cancel a server process are intercepted and displayed in this area of the Administration perspective.
Your AE system is therefore protected since these messages do not affect the server processes.

It is advisable to contact Automic Support; these messages are helpful for further analyses. In some cases messages should not be released without consulting our support.

Where to find the page:

The Administration perspective is only available, if the user has the required privilege.

  1. Open the Administration perspective in your AWI.
  2. In the Navigation pane on the left find the Quarantine tab.
  3. Click to open the Quarantine page.

Table Columns Information

The table columns show the following information:



Message number

Number of the message

Status symbol

Status of the message

"1" - May be released after prior contact with Automic Support
"2" - Has been logged for analysis reasons but cannot be released
"3" - Has successfully been processed and can be deleted

Occurrence time

Time when the message was quarantined

Reason for failure

Additional information about the failure reason


Number of release attempts

XML Stream

Message sections (if retrievable) for analysis


In the toolbar the default buttons Export to export the table content as .csv and Refresh are available.

Deactivate Internal Message Checking

By default, the Automation Engine checks internal messages. On UNIX, this can have a negative impact on performance.

To deactivate this function use the parameter exception= in the Automation Engine's INI file.
Find details on the INI's configuration in: Structure of the Automation Engine INI File

Reaction to Invalid Messages

The following steps are initiated if an invalid message has been detected:

  1. The message is put into quarantine.
  2. All database modifications made by this message are canceled.
  3. Further message information is written to the Automation Engine's log file.
  4. A trace file of the following name is created:
    UC4Dump_name of the Server process_RunID_time stamp.txt
  5. A dump is created if possible.
  6. The ServiceManager restarts the aborted server process.
  7. If the administrator has defined the key EXECUTE_ON_EXCEPTION in the variable UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS - System-Wide Settings, the specified object starts.