Prompts Tab

When a task has a prompt set, you can specify the values to be used when the task is executed in the workflow. These can be fixed values or dynamic placeholder variables for values that are retrieved at runtime. For information about defining prompt sets, see PromptSets (PRPT).

Some tasks might need user input when they run. This is defined in the PromptSets of the object definition. When a task with PromptSet definitions runs interactively (not from within a workflow), either a dialog opens prompting the user to enter the required values (if the object containing the prompt is activated at generation time) or a request message is added to the Working with Requests area.

If you include such a task in a workflow, you must decide whether you want to interrupt the workflow to enter them or not.

If you do not want to interrupt it, you specify here the values that will be entered automatically in the PromptSet so that no user input is required at runtime. The fields, dropdown lists, checkboxes etc. available for data input depend on how you have defined the object. For details see The Prompt Set Page.

Workflow - Task Properties - Prompt Sets

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