Special Reports for SAP Jobs

An SAP system log plus is available in addition to the job report if you use the Automic Web Interface and XBP 2.0.

XBP 2.0

An additional report is available for canceled SAP Jobs containing current messages of the SAP system log. This facilitates error analysis, as referring to the SAP system is not necessary.

This report type is called SLOG and can be also used in PREP_PROCESS_REPORT the script element.

System administrators can handle this with the parameters provided in the SAP Agent Connection (CONN). For example, the number of current SAP system log messages which should be output in the report can be reduced. 

Deactivate the creation of reports if you do not need abstracts of the SAP system log.

XBP 3.0

Further reports are available if XBP 3.0 is used:

When defining SAP Jobs you select the reports the Agent should store in the statistical record.

The additional reports include data in the form of xml files. This has two advantages.

Note: Report data can be very complex and can have adverse effects on performance. Select only the report types you really need and reduce their contents via stylesheets.