Attributes Page

As a developer and object designer, you specify fundamental settings for object execution and for its behavior at runtime on its Attributes page. These parameters affect workload distribution, determine when the script is processed, specify the Automation Engine priority, and so on. Some attributes are common to all executable objects. Other attributes are object-specific. This page is available for executable objects only.

After adding an object, the object definition pages open to the object-specific page. Click the Attributes tab on the left pane to open the Attributes page.

Note: You can populate most of the combo boxes using variables. For more information, see:

This page includes the following:

Execution Settings Section

Runtime Parameters Section

Automatic Deactivation Section

Section is available for:

To improve the performance of your system, you can specify that tasks should be deactivated automatically after execution. Deactivated tasks are removed from the list of Tasks in the Process Monitoring perspective. They are not displayed on any list.

Important! For Workflows (JOBP)

Task Result Evaluation Section

Section available for Remote Task Manager (JOBQ), Workflows (JOBP) and Schedules (JSCH).

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