Registered Job Output

When executing Jobs, the Automation Engine generates comprehensive output files and reports that guarantee their auditability. To have those files available and accessible from the user interface, you must register them. When you register them, they are transferred from the Automation Engine and stored on the Agent. You can then open or store these files using the Reports view.

You can register the Job output files in two ways:

  • On the Output page
  • (Windows and UNIX only) Using the :REGISTER_OUTPUTFILE script element.

Note: This function is available for Jobs that run on the following Agents: Windows, UNIX, SAP, R3, RA, JMX, VMS, OA or SQL.

Where Do I Find the Registered Job Output Files?

As soon as the jobs are executed, you can access these files from the Reports dialog:

  1. Right-click the job and select Report from the context menu to open the dialog.
  2. Select Directory from the dropdown list. The reports table displays the files available both on the agent and on the Automation Engine.
  3. Click the icon on the right edge of the File column to download a file.

The file size is decisive for the time that it takes to transfer the files. This is why large reports are truncated in smaller chunks that you can easily download without performance issues.


  • Output files can only be opened if the Automation Engine user has the relevant authorization ("P") to access the job and external reports (type: "EXTREP") for both the particular file and the agent.
  • Files that have been registered using the Requires User's Login option can only be opened by users that can log on to the agent with their default login.

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