Monitoring Sync Objects

Sync objects synchronize tasks. They contain definitions on status, conditions and actions that are combined to specify the order in which tasks will be executed. The dependencies defined in Sync object can result in tasks not being processed because they are waiting for the conditions to be met. The status of these tasks is Waiting for Sync.

The Sync Monitor provides the list of all active tasks that are in a waiting status due to the conditions defined in Sync objects. You use it to analyze the dependencies caused by the Sync objects and to react as required.

This page includes the following:

Accessing the Sync Monitor

From the Process Assembly perspective

After defining and assigning Sync objects, you can check the executable objects that will be affected by them. Right-click the Sync object and select Monitoring > Open Sync Monitor.

From the Process Monitoring perspective

You access the Sync Monitor using the Filter pane in the Process Monitoring perspective:

  1. Click Add Filter Criteria and select Current Sync Usage.
  2. Open the dropdown list to select the Sync object. Alternatively start typing its name.

    You can also use the * wildcard character to search for Sync objects.

  3. Click Add. The object is inserted below. It is displayed as a button with edit and delete icons.

    You can add as many Sync objects as you need.

    Note: If you use wildcards to search for the Sync object, the pencil icon is not available. You use this icon to open the Modify Properties dialog that allows you to change the SYNC object parameters for this particular filter instance. The result of a wildcard search is not just one specific object but most probably more than one. For this reason, editing is not possible.

It is also possible to modify the Sync object properties for this particular search instance right from the Filter pane.

Ignoring Sync Conditions

To ignore the conditions defined in a sync object and force the execution of tasks, right-click on the task that is in Waiting for SYNC status and select Ignore sync conditions..

Modifying Sync Object Properties for the Current Search

  1. Click the pencil icon on the Sync button.
  2. The Modify Properties dialog is displayed.
  3. Optionally change the selection in the State dropdown list.
  4. Optionally change the selection in the Value picker.
  5. Click Modify first and then Filter to apply the new criteria to the search.

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