Free Online Courses

The Enterprise Software Academy is Broadcom's learning portal. The Academy offers a wide range of free online trainings, blogs, articles, use cases and white papers. If you have not already done so, register now to start profiting from our education offer.

All the courses on the Academy are free, web-based and self-paced. Some courses contain quizzes that you need to pass to get the course certificate. Upon completing a course you receive both a certificate and a badge. Badges grant a certain amount of points based on the length and difficulty of the course.

Tip: The Education team is constantly working on new content. Check the Enterprise Software Academy regularly for new free courses! You can find the list of courses available for Automic products here: Automic Course Catalog.

To Register on the Enterprise Software Academy

  1. Go to the Enterprise Software Academy

  2. Select AIOPS at the top the website.

  3. Select FREE TRAINING.

  4. In Course Catalog Headline > PRODUCT TYPE, select AUTOMIC.

    All available Automic trainings are displayed.

  5. Select a training to open the registration form. After submitting you will receive an email to confirm your registration.