Use the :AUTOFORECAST script function to calculate forecast data for future activities. The AutoForecast feature provides information about all tasks that will run within a specified time. You can manually use the AutoForecast in the Automic Web Interface, or use this script function to create forecasts for all active Schedules and Events.


  • AUTOFORECAST returns forecast data for the Client in which the script function is called.
  • This script statement causes all open transactions of the script to be written to the AE database. For more information, see Script Processing.

Important! Your system must be set up for AutoForecasts. For more information, see Autoforecast.



Return Code

  • 0
    Forecast data created successfully

Tip: You can include processing instructions in the script to define what happens when an error occurs. For more information, see :ON_ERROR.


The following script line generates a forecast of all active Schedules and Events in the Client in which the script is called.


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