Write SAP JCL commands to issue processing instructions that are carried out on the target system. The Automation Engine submits the properties of all fields(such as printer name and program name) to the SAP interface.

If a parameter value for an SAP JCL element includes blanks, write the value as a script literal. Optionally, you can always use quotation marks, regardless of whether the value is a number, character or string.


  • This guide does not describe maximum field lengths or allowed values as these field descriptions are available in the SAP Dictionary for the corresponding versions.
  • There is no limitation on JCL lines.
  • Some of the SAP JCL commands depend on the interface. Read about syntax differences in the descriptions of the individual script elements. For more information, see Interfaces: General Information

Tip: Link lines of SAP JCL with the :JCL_CONCAT_CHAR script statement.

Script Elements for SAP

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