User Account Control in WindowsUser Account Control (UAC) in Windows

To open programs with AE Jobs that require extended rights (Elevation), you can select the option Batch Mode: Log on as batch user. This mode ensures that the elevation process works automatically. The Windows user under which the Job is executed requires the Log on as a batch job user right set in the User Rights Assignment section of the Windows Security Policy Settings.

Elevation Process

If a Job requires extended rights, it will automatically be elevated. Therefore, the user who is specified in the Login object must have the required rights. All processes of the affected AE Job will be executed with these rights. If one or several of them are missing for the relevant user, the agent cannot run all processes. Windows cancels them with the Error 740: The requested operation requires elevation.

As of Windows 2012, you must also change the relevant entries in the registry. For detailed information on the registry settings, see Search for the User Account Control Group Policy and registry key settings, and set the EnableLUA key to 0 (Disabled).

Depending on the rights that are defined for a user, the Windows UAC displays a system message window that needs to be confirmed in order to run programs. You cannot control this behavior through the Automation Engine. To be able to use the various functions of Agents, Jobs etc. in the Automation Engine, assign the required rights as described in the corresponding sections of the Installation Guide.

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