JWP Parameters

Systemwide variables relevant for the JWP keystore configuration.


  • Description: Defines the alternative keystore path the JWP should use instead of the JRE default keystore location. Paths can be local or network paths and can us UNC format.

    If a JWP has to use a central located keystore file instead, the path including the file name has to be defined here. If the defined path is invalid or not accessible, a log message will be written and the JWP will use the default keystore.

  • Allowed value: <path_to keystore_file/filename>

    Make sure the path you define corresponds to your installation type:

    • In a system installed manually, the JWP uses the keystore of the JRE by default. For example:

      c:\program files\java\jdk1.8.0_31\jre\lib\security\cacerts.

    • In Automic Automation Kubernetes Edition, the keystore file of the JWP is passed on to the system using a Kubernetes secret, which must be created before the installation. After the installation, if the secret exists, it is mounted to all JWP pods using the following default path:


      For more information, see Preparing for the Container-Based Installation.

  • Restart required: JWP, see Starting and Ending Server Processes


  • Description: Defines the utilization of a Login object (see Login (LOGIN)) that provides a password for type JWP_KEYSTORE. You need this password to access the JWP keystore file defined with the JWP_KEYSTORE_PATH key.

    By default, the JWP uses the default password of the JRE keystore for accessing the keystore file. If the JWP has to use a different password, you have to define it here.

  • Allowed value: <name_of_the_login_object>

  • Restart required: No

See also:

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