UC_EXT_INTERPRETERS_* - Register External Interpreters

This Variable (VARA) object defines external interpreters to be used with either Windows (UC_EXT_INTERPRETERS_WINDOWS) or UNIX (UNIX UC_EXT_INTERPRETERS_UNIX) agents. It is supplied in the system client 0000 and its settings apply to the whole Automation Engine system.

  • Key: Interpreter identifier

    This key is used to specify an external interpreter section. The identifier must be unique in the Automation Engine system.

  • Value 1: Desired file extension of the script file passed to the external interpreter

  • Value 2: There are two possible variants:

    • Single line: allows you to call the external interpreter stating only parameters

    • Multi-line: allows you to edit STATIC VARA Objects either by editing the relevant cell in the value column or by using the cell editor, see STATIC VARA Objects


  • Key: PERL1

  • Value 1: .pl

  • Value 2: perl.exe <FILE> -k

    <FILE> refers to the generated script file and must be in uppercase.

  • Resulting call: perl myprog.pl -k

Windows Jobs and Unix Jobs objects may use an external interpreter script in the Process pages. These interpreters have to be registered in the respective UC_EXT_INTERPRETERS_* variable. For more information, see Windows Jobs, Unix Jobs and Process Pages.

Storage objects are also affected by this variable because the files they contain can be used in Windows and UNIX agents. Therefore, the interpreters must be registered also for Storage objects. For more information, see Storage (STORE) and Configuring Include Objects for External Interpreter Calls.


  • The value column cells should only contain commands that are processed when the interpreter is called. In all other cases, you have to place the commands in the job script.

  • The system variable object UC_SHELL_UNIX lists all registered shells, see UC_SHELL_UNIX - Defining UNIX Shells. Do not use it to register external interpreters.

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