Upgrading an Automation Engine System Manually

As a system administrator, you want to have a complete overview of the comprehensive manual upgrade process. You must have all the information required, meet the requirements, check for incompatibilities between version, and go through several preparation steps before carrying out the upgrade.

Tip! This section contains information relevant to manually upgrading your system. If you are searching for information relevant to container-based systems, see Container-Based System Upgrade - Automic Automation Kubernetes Edition. For information on how to install a service pack or a hotfix, see Service Pack and Hotfix Installation.


  • It is strongly recommended to carry out the upgrade steps in the order they are listed in the CAPKI documentation, see CAPKI - Securing the ServiceManager.

  • Never upgrade a productive AE system without having it tested extensively in a separate environment.

  • If you want to upgrade from an Automation Engine version that is out of maintenance or need help with your upgrade, please contact our support department, see Support.

  • The Automation Engine and the Automic Web Interface must be on the same major release version and service pack.

  • If the Automation Engine and Automic Web Interface are bundled together in the same hotfix, they must be on the same major release version, service pack, and hotfix

  • If you upgrade the AE manually without using ZDU, the WPs in the new version always start in cold mode. If you upgrade by using ZDU, no cold start is required.

Upgrade Steps

After making sure that your system meets the necessary requirements for the update and that you have covered all preparation steps, the Automic Automation manual upgrade comprises the following steps:

Note: As of version 24, you have to migrate your database to UTF-8. Make sure you have migrated your DB to UTF-8 before upgrading it.

  1. Shut down the system

  2. Duplicate your environment

  3. Upgrade the utility binaries

  4. Upgrade the AE database

  5. Upgrade the remaining binaries (such as AE, Service Manager, server processes, AWI)

  6. Start up the system

  7. Upgrade the remaining components (such as the agents, CallAPIs and so on)

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