Compatibility Information

The Compatibility Matrix allows you to check independently version compatibility and cross-product dependencies for Automic products. You can search for compatibility information for components of the Automic system as well as for the applications, platforms, and databases of a software infrastructure in which you can install Automic products.

  • The Agents are compatible with the same and higher versions of the Automation Engine and the Automic Web Interface but NOT with lower versions.

  • The release cycles of all Agent Integrations are independent of the Automic Automation ones.

To check Automic product and software compatibility

  1. Open the compatibility matrix:
    1. Go to our download center at
    2. In the menu bar at the top of your screen, expand Tools.
    3. Select Compatibility Matrix.

    Note: You can also access the page directly at compatibility matrix.

    Click to expand:

    Animated gif showing how to access the compatibility matrix: Go to, then select Tools, then select Compatibility Matrix

  2. To find compatibility information for Automic components:
    1. Stay on the Automic Components tab.
    2. Select the Product, Component, Sub-Component and Version that you are interested in.

      Note: You can select multiple sub-components with the standard key combinations. Holding the Ctrl key while selecting, or hold Shift and select the first and last item in a contiguous group.

    Animated git showing how to select the Product, Component, Sub Component and Version

  3. Scroll down to read the compatibility and dependencies information for your selection.

    Animated gif with the compatibility matrix page containing information on the selected product, component, sub componene and version, where the image scrolls down to show the entire information

  4. To find compatibility information about supporting software infrastructure products:
    1. Open the Applications, Platforms & Databases tab.
    2. Select an Application, Database, Java and Operating System combination that describes your infrastructure.

      You do not have to select items from each category.

    The compatibility and dependency information according to your selection is displayed on the same page below your selections.

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