Invoking the Client

Once Automic Automation Intelligence has been successfully installed and the Automic Automation Intelligence server is running, you will be able to start the Automic Automation Intelligence client from any web browser.

Invoke the Automic Automation Intelligence application from your browser. The AAI URL https://<ServerName>:<port>/aai allows you to launch the AAI client.

Important! As of version 6.0.2, the link to launch the main AAI page changed from http{s}://hostname:port/jaws to http{s}://hostname:port/aai.

If you have a Desktop shortcut to access a version prior to 6.0.2 of the AAI main client/UI, you have to delete that shortcut and any local copy of the jaws.jnlp file so that the upgraded software can download the new version of the .jnlp file and regenerate the Desktop shortcut.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Delete any AAI (JAWS) Desktop shortcuts.

  2. Search for all copies of jaws.jnlp on the local client hard drive and delete them.

  3. Clear the browser's temporary files.

  4. Re-launch the classic UI from the main launch page (http{s}://hostname:port/aai)

The AAI web browser launch page has options to:

  • Launch Automic Automation Intelligence - classic

    URL: https://<ServerName>:<port>/aai/

    This option launches the classic AAI client UI and allows you to create a Desktop shortcut to access it. This option requires Java WebStart to be installed, see Running AAI as an Application.

  • Launch Automic Automation Intelligence Web UI

    URL: https://<ServerName>:<port>/aai/web/v1

    This option launches the AAI website.

  • Launch Automic Automation Intelligence - next generation UI

    URL: https://localhost:<port>/aai/web/v2/home/dashboard

    This option launches the next generation UI which includes simulations and previews of new features.


Only one session of Automic Automation Intelligence can be launched on a client machine. If you need to run multiple Automic Automation Intelligence sessions at once, see your Automic Automation Intelligence Administrator.

Running AAI as an Application

This section guides you through the necessary steps to run your AAI client from your Desktop as an application.

  1. On the AAI web browser launch page, click Launch Automic Automation Intelligence - classic. Automic Automation Intelligence downloads a Java applet.

    When the Security Certificate confirmation dialog appears, click Yes.

  2. Change the Default Port.

    Use the Configuration Tool to change ports if needed. For more information, see Configuration Tool.

  3. Launch Automic Automation Intelligence.