What's New in Automic Automation Intelligence 6.4

This section provides information about the new features and enhancements, bug fixes, and database changes that have been implemented in version 6.4:


If you have configured eEM and are updating your environment, make sure that you update the eEMdatabase defaults. You can do so by using the same process as the original add. For more information, see Identifying eEM-Enabled Instances in Automic Automation Intelligence.

This process retains the original eEM settings and applies only the new objects in the eEM application.


Control-M (Z) (Mainframe) Support

With this version, all of the functionality of Automic Automation Intelligence is now available for Control-M (Z) instances. This includes monitoring, alerting, predictions, reporting, and so on.

For more information, see:

Universal Scheduler Cross-Instance Dependencies

As of this version, it is possible to create custom dependencies between jobs in any of the automation engines whose support is based on the Universal Framework. Currently, this includes the following automation engines:

  • Automic Automation

  • ESP

  • Control-M (distributed and mainframe)

These custom dependencies are created via the REST API and allow you to monitor applications across scheduling instances in a single jobstream.

Performance Improvements

This version also includes incremental performance improvements in the process for building historical jobstream runs.

Additional Memory Management Options

Additional tuning has been added to the G1GC memory management options to improve performance.

Improved Handling of Caching for IWSz/AutoSys Dependencies

The way that caching is handled for some of the objects required for IWSz/AutoSys cross-instance predictions to update objects in parallel has been improved. This enhancement improves the performance of the Jammer Manager sequence.

This improvement was driven by the following customer ticket: DE509897.