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Table Description
ABLOB Misc. AH related Blobs
ACA Custom Attributes
ACLNT Active Clients
ACMT Statistic comments
ACTEX Active agents
ACV archive cit values
AFC Archive Object Filter Content
AH archive header
AHG resolved hostgroup - hostgroups
AHGH resolved host group - list of hosts
AJPCV RA Value Usage in Process Flow Task
AJPFV ForEach Values
AJPOP Conditions/Actions ParameterSet
AJPOV Conditions/Actions Values
AJPP jobplan process (archived)
AJPPA jobplan after (archived)
AJPPC jobplan condition (archived)
AJPPF ForEach in Process Flow
AJPPO Conditions/Actions Link
AJPPV Prompt Usage in Process Flow Task - A for review of the properties in the jobplan monitor
AJPVA Prompt Usage in Process Flow Task on Array - A for review of the properties in the jobplan monitor
APD perdiodical jobs definition (archived)
APDC perdiodical cale defininition (archived)
APPF Archive Object Post Process Filter
APUD Prompted Value in Task
APUDA Prompted Value in Task - Arrays
ARB Rollback definition
AUSR Active users
AV object values (archived)
AWS waiting times
BH buffer header
BT buffer content
CODE code table
DIVDB dummy table
ECA Custom Attributes
ECV execution cit values
EEC event counter (eg for LPAR)
EEDB event attributes
EET event content (filter)
EFC Executive Object Filter Content
EH executive header
EJ job content
EJPCV RA Value Usage in Process Flow Task
EJPFV ForEach Values
EJPOP Conditions/Actions ParameterSet
EJPOV Conditions/Actions Values
EJPP jobplan process (active)
EJPPA jobplan after (active)
EJPPC jobplan condition (active)
EJPPF ForEach in Process Flow
EJPPO Conditions/Actions Link
EJPPV Prompt Usage in Process Flow Task - E for saving interim results
EJPVA Prompt Usage in Process Flow Task on Array - E for saving interim results
EOI Call Operator content
EPD definition for periodic jobs
EPDC calendar definition for periodic jobs
EPPF Executive Object Post Process Filter
EPUD Prompted Value in Task
EPUDA Prompted Value in Task - Arrays
EQT used filter for queue manager
ERB Rollback definition
ERET jobstep retcodes (active)
ESTP checkpoint information
ETI cockpit content
EV object values (runtime)
EVP validation period
EY SYNC usage
FE Forecast Task header
FH Forecast Header
FIFO FirstInFirstOut Queue
FJPP Forecast process
FJPPA deprecated (since 12.3.0): Forecast after
FJPPC Forecast condition
FJPPF deprecated (since 12.3.0): ForEach in Process Flow
HACL host authorizations
HOST host definition
IDS internal number pools of UC4
INI settings
IPH partition history
ISTMT Internal table for DB statements to execute
ITL Internal Task List
IY SYNC internal
JBA job attributes
JFA file transfer attributes
JPA Workflow attributes
JPOP Conditions/Actions ParameterSet
JPOV Conditions/Actions Values
JPP jobplan process
JPPA jobplan after
JPPC jobplan condition
JPPCV RA Value Usage in Process Flow Task
JPPF ForEach in Process Flow
JPPO Conditions/Actions Link
JPPV Prompt Usage in Process Flow Task
JPVA Prompt Usage in Process Flow Task on Array
LAH telemetry data for PLA
LASLM Monitoring table
LLOG license messages
MAND clients
MELD messages
MQ1AUT Work Queue for Authentication Service
MQ1CP001 Communication Queue
MQ1CP002 Communication Queue
MQ1CP003 Communication Queue
MQ1CP004 Communication Queue
MQ1CP005 Communication Queue
MQ1DWP Work Queue for Dialog server
MQ1JWP Work Queue for Java Work Process
MQ1OWP Output Work Queue
MQ1PWP Work Queue
MQ1QWP Queue for crashed messages
MQ1RWP Resource Work Queue
MQ1UTL Work Queue for Utility Service
MQ1WP Work Queue
MQ2AUT Work Queue for Authentication Service
MQ2CP001 Communication Queue
MQ2CP002 Communication Queue
MQ2CP003 Communication Queue
MQ2CP004 Communication Queue
MQ2CP005 Communication Queue
MQ2DWP Work Queue for Dialog server
MQ2JWP Work Queue for Java Work Process
MQ2OWP Output Work Queue
MQ2PWP Work Queue
MQ2QWP Queue for crashed messages
MQ2RWP Resource Work Queue
MQ2UTL Work Queue for Utility Service
MQ2WP Work Queue
MQLS Local memory
MQMEM Memory distribution
MQSRV Message Queue Server
OACL object authorizations
OBLOB contains citc jar
OCA Custom Attributes
OCV object cit values
ODOC documentation
OEA event attributes
OEO Object External Output
OET event content (filter)
OFA Object Filter Attributes
OFC Object Filter Content
OFS folder
OGA group attributes
OH The header of the object.
OHA encryption keys
OHAA client allocation
OHAF Filter definitions for agent authorizations
OHC HOST public key
OHG agent group attributes
OHGF filter table for host group
OIA include attributes
OKA The attributes of a calendar object.
OKB Calendar events
OKC The collision definitions for a roll calendar.
OKD Calendar Definitions (Days)
OKG Group calendars
OKZ Calendar times
OLC login object content
ONA connection object attributes
OOA Attributes of notification objects.
OOI call operator content
OPD Period Object attributes
OPDC calendar definition for PERIOD objects
OPPF Object Post Process Filter
OPSA Prompt Set Attributes
OPSE Prompt Set Element
OPSEA Prompt Set Element Defaults on Array
OPU Prompt Usage - Prompt Set List
OPUD Prompt Usage - Prompt Set Element Defaults differing from OPSE
OPUDA Prompt Usage - Prompt Set Element Defaults on Array
OQA attribute table for queue manager
OQT filter table for queue manager
ORA script attributes
ORACL remote system authorizations
ORADR remote system address
ORB Rollback definition
ORCON remote connection definition
ORET jobstep retcodes
ORLNK link to a remote object
ORSYS Remote System Definition
OSA schedule attributes
OSLF This table is a filter for services with particulat attribute values (service selection) of an SLO object
OSLOA Attribute table for flat attributes of an SLO object
OSLOB Beneficiaries table
OT object text
OTA cockpit attributes
OTI cockpit content
OTZC Time zone content
OUA queue attributes
OV object values
OVB Object Variable Binding Parameters
OVC Object variable commands
OVD variable definition
OVP validation period
OVT Object variable tabs
OVW variable values
OX Object XML for version control
OY sync use
OYD sync definition
OYR sync rules
OYW sync state
PMIA Performance Management Issue Archive
PMIAM Performance Management Issue Triggering Metrics
PMID Performance Management Issue Definition
PMMA Performance Management Metrics Archive
PMMAV Performance Management Metrics Archive Values
PMMD Performance Management Metrics Definition
RH report header
RT report content
UACL user/group authorizations
UC_ACLB definition of the authorizations bitcode
UC_ACLK translation of the internal function keys to visible texts
UC_ACLT authorization types
UC_AKTX internal array of activation states
UC_ATYP archive header types
UC_CAR Conditions/Actions Registration
UC_CERT Collection of Certificates that are used to sign Agent Certificates
UC_CHCK license cross check information
UC_DBSYN stores prototypes for db commands
UC_HTYP host types
UC_INDEX internal information about UC4 indexes
UC_JOBQ filter definition for queue manager per hostattrtype
UC_JOBQE enumeration per filtername for queue manager
UC_JOBQT queue types for queue manager
UC_LIC license information
UC_MSGDT MLS - z.B. "N - Numeric"
UC_MSGKD MLS - z.B. "U - UC4" , "C - Custom"
UC_MSGL MLS - Sprachen z.B. "DE - Deutsch"
UC_MSGT MLS - z.B. "I - Information"
UC_MTYP message types
UC_OREF used by DS_DeepCopy() to find name references in DB Tables
UC_OTTYP binding Objecttyp for aditional script tabs
UC_OTYP object types
UC_OVFMT valid formats in variables
UC_OVGB definition of the validity types of a variable
UC_OVTYP definition of the datatypes of a variable
UC_PLATF translate HostAttrType to DisplayText
UC_REF Static List of columns where specific Objects can be referenced. This mapping is needed by the Usage search
UC_REPO versioning - active branch for client
UC_REQPR Required process for a fully functional AE system
UC_REST documentation of the JBA_Rest field
UC_RTYP report types
UC_SAML Temporary storage for values used in the SAML login
UC_SAMLG Validity information of the SAML Assertion from the SAML Response
UC_SGRP Status Groups
UC_STYP script processing definition
UC_SVAL System Values
UC_SVALF System Value Format
UC_SVALM System Value: Map Attribute name to DB Field
UC_SVALU System Values (User administered)
UC_SVALV Mapping of values used in GET/PUT_ATT - UC4Script vs. DB representation
UC_SYS stores system values
UC_TABLE internal information about the UC4 tables
UC_TEMP temporary worktable
UC_TEMP1 temporary worktable 1
UC_TEMP2 temporary worktable 2
UC_TEMP3 temporary worktable 2
UC_XERR error handling
UC_ZDU Memory distribution
UC_ZUTYP state types
USG user groups
USR user
USRG relation between user and user group
USRP passwords for LDAP
XAO Revision
XEVT1 AE event store subtable 1
XEVT2 AE event store subtable 2
XEVT3 AE event store subtable 3
XEVT4 AE event store subtable 4
XEVT5 AE event store subtable 5
XEVT6 AE event store subtable 6
XEVT7 AE event store subtable 7
XEVT8 AE event store subtable 8
XEVT9 AE event store subtable 9
XREQ Memory distribution
XRO information about jobreports (for external output management)