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Script Statement: This statement sets restart points in an executable object.


:RESTART Restart Point, [Restart Text]



Restart Point

The name of the restart point.
Format: restart point name without quotation marks
Maximum of 8 characters

Restart Text

The description of the restart point.
Format: script literal or script variable
Maximum of 24 characters


You use the :RESTART statement to set restart points in an executable object. Restart points allow you to start an executable object from a particular position. You can define them when you execute objects with options.

The Restart Text can be used to describe the restart point. This description is written to the execution protocol as additional information. Restart Text is an optional parameter.

Note that script handling in restarts depends on the script statement :GENERATE. If you do not use this script statement, all script lines are processed until the very first :RESTART statement and additionally all lines are processed that are positioned after the indicated restart point.

The script functions SYS_LAST_RESTART_POINT and SYS_LAST_RESTART_TEXT can be used to read the restart point that has last been passed including its restart text.


The following example defines a restart point and a Restart Text.

:RESTART REORG,"Start Reorganization"


See also:

Script element Description


This statement controls the processing of script lines during the execution of a script.
RESTART_UC_OBJECT Repeats the execution of a task.
SYS_ACT_RESTART Retrieves whether the object has been activated in restart mode.
SYS_ACT_RESTART_ME_NR Returns the run number (RunID) of an object activated in restart mode.
SYS_LAST_RESTART_POINT Supplies the name of the previous restart point in the script.
SYS_LAST_RESTART_TEXT Supplies the text of the previous restart point as defined in the script.


Supplies the restart point from which the object will be executed.

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