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Problem with Password Assignment to SAP

After Updating to SAP NetWeaver 2004s and Later, CPIC User Could No Longer Log On


Password-based logon attempts (to ABAP systems as of Release 7.00 / NetWeaver 2004s / SAP ERP 2005) fail, although the user has entered a supposedly correct passwordA secret combination of characters for a Automation Engine user. in a front-end component or in a destination (of another system). However, a (direct) SAPGUI logon with the same password is successful.


ABAP systems as of NetWeaver 2004s (7.00) support passwords of up to 40 characters and differentiate between uppercase and lowercase. In earlier ABAP Releases (prior to 7.00), passwords could only be comprised of a maximum of 8 characters, whereby lowercase letters that were entered were automatically changed to uppercase letters.

If, in a newer ABAP system (as of Release 7.00), a downwardly incompatible password is unknowingly granted (see below), and if the front-end or middleware components are not able to process such passwords correctly, logon problems inevitably occur.

This is usually due to the (invisible) automatic conversion from lowercase to uppercase letters. The problem is that the password entered by the user does not arrive at the server in the same form, but is changed either during input or during the transmission (in which many components are involved).

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