NonStop Server

You can use nonstop processes (NWP) in order to increase your system reliability. A specific license is required for this purpose. In nonstop operation, only the WPs of one computer are active. The processes of a different computer (nonstop processes) are available upon request. If the primary computer that includes the active WPs fails, the nonstop processes take over their role. As opposed to a usual parallel operation, the system configuration NonStop Server does not use the WPs of all computers. The WPs of ony computer are always in the mode "hot standby."

The System Overview lists all server processes of the AE system. Type "N" processes are nonstop processes and are displayed with the symbol.

The following example describes the functionality of nonstop processes in more detail:

The server processes of an AE system are located on two computers. A work process of computer A logs on first and obtains the status of the primary work process (PWP). All other server processes of computer A are set active. All work processes of computer B automatically become nonstop processes. If computer A goes offline, the nonstop processes become active work processes, and one of them obtains the status of a primary work process.



Use the script element GET_UC_SETTING in order to retrieve a server process type. Return code "N" is supplied if the server process is a nonstop process.

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