Messages U37xx

U00003700 The executed SQL query didn't return any data.
U00003701 UCUVAR PGE: Invalid opcode '&01'

Explanation: An internal error occurred. Please contact the IT support.

U00003702 Invalid characters in variable name: Only the following characters may be used: A-Z, 0-9, $, @; maximum length: 200 characters.
U00003703 Invalid variable found in READ: field = '&01'
U00003704 Infinite loop discovered in '&01' through term '&02'.
U00003705 Variable '&01' not found.
U00003706 Variable '&01' is not share!
U00003707 DB error: Definition for variable '&01' not found.
U00003708 No value found for variable '&01' with validity '&02'.
U00003709 You cannot write a negative value in a VARA object that can only include positive numbers: &01
U00003710 Variable '&01' may not be referenced.
U00003711 No reference for variable '&01' available in this client.
U00003712 Missing key for accessing variable '&01'.

Explanation: Storing values in Variables with :PUT_VAR requires the indication of a validity key which corresponds to the values defined in the Variable.

U00003713 Variable '&01' with value '&02' does not correspond to the variable type (e.g. alphanumeric instead of numeric), was incorrectly defined or cannot be mapped to a single output format.
U00003714 Variable '&01' is a user-session variable, the validity area is supplied automatically. Specifying parameter '&02' is not valid.

Explanation: The variable can only be supplied at runtime. It is then valid for a user's current logon. You may use any characters of variable length, numbers between 0 and 2147483647 and 16-byte timestamps as data types.

U00003715 The specified scope: '&02' of Workflow session variable: '&01' must be the RunID of an active Workflow.
U00003716 UCUVAR module closed. Total time: '&01' seconds.

Explanation: This is an information message which is helpful for the UC4 support when analyzing problems. &01 = Number of seconds

U00003717 Runtime error in object '&01' with validity '&02'. The date '&03' is not in valid range between 01/01/1754 and 18/01/2038.
U00003718 UCUVAR: Invalid MEMSV handle '&01'
U00003719 UCUVAR: Invalid MEMSQ handle '&01' and MQMEM ID '&02'.
U00003720 Error found in object '&01': There are too many levels of variable reference.
U00003721 Variable '&01' contains too many parameters.
U00003722 Variable '&01' received a value from one of its children ('&03','&04') that does not correspond to its type: '&02'
U00003723 The SQL query returns too many columns. Variable &01
U00003724 Internal Error in UCUVAR: Error while reading from replacement history.
U00003725 Internal Error in UCUVAR: Error while writing to the replacement history.
U00003726 UCUVAR: SQL Revision process needs an AH-Idnr > '00000000'
U00003727 Cannot use the SQL-internal variable '&01' because of system settings (see attribute 'SQLVAR_INTERNAL' in 'UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS').
U00003728 Source of Variable '&01' is not static.
U00003729 The value key '&01' / column '&02' does not comply with the variable's data type and/or output format. Error: '&03'
U00003730 UCUVAR_R error: VARA Multi received a MEMSQ instead of a MEMSV.
U00003731 UCUVAR_R error: VARA '&01' did not provide a MEMSV
U00003732 Jan
U00003733 Feb
U00003734 Mar
U00003735 Apr
U00003736 May
U00003737 Jun
U00003738 Jul
U00003739 Aug
U00003740 Sep
U00003741 Oct
U00003742 Nov
U00003743 Dec
U00003744 Variable &02 is not defined in the variable MULTI '&01'.
U00003745 There is no SQL query that is defined for variable '&01'.
U00003746 The Variable object '&01' does not return any values.
U00003747 Cannot open a new MEMSV.
U00003748 The internal type of VARA '&01' is unknown: '&02'
U00003749 The value for the Result column in variable '&01' is too long.
U00003750 The record for an SQLI variable is too long.
U00003751 Program error: UCUSQLSL didn't return a variables table
U00003752 No bind parameters found.
U00003753 Total length of all bind parameters exceeds valid length.
U00003754 Database-error in SQLI-variable: '$01'
U00003755 UCUVAR: Value of feld '&01' is illegal.
U00003756 Too many columns for XML variable '&01' entered.
U00003757 DELETE_VAR not possible for variable '&01' with type '&02'.
U00003758 Error in xml-variable: '$01'
U00003759 Invalid XML-XPATH is entered into :PUT_VAR_COL.


U00003760 Invalid XML is entered into XML-Variable.
U00003761 Read with XPath not possible for variable '&01' with type '&02'. XPath can only be used with an XML variable.


U00003762 No command found for OS '&01' with version '&02'
U00003790 DB error, OPC='&01', Ret='&02', Msg='&03'
U00003791 UCUDB error: Ret='&01', '&02', '&03', '&04'