REPORT_SCAN Parameters

Systemwide variables that contain the parameters relevant for reading an Output Analysis report.

As a system administrator. you use DEFAULT_REPORT_SCAN_MEMORY to define the memory size to be requested in order to read reports using a Filter object, see Filter (FILTER). The Automation Engine doubles this size if the report to be read is larger. For complex reports, the memory is doubled until the value specified in MAX_REPORT_SCAN_MEMORY has been reached. The task ends with the status FAULT_OTHER if this value is exceeded.


A report has a size of 10 MB, the default memory is 3 MB, the maximum is 30 MB. The Automation Engine recognizes that 3 MB is not sufficient to read the report and increases the memory: 3 MB -> 6 MB -> 12 MB. The maximum value for memory has not been exceeded and the report can now be read.



See also:

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