Centralized Agent Upgrade

As an administrator, you can upgrade all Centralized Agent Upgrade (CAU) supported agents to a new version with a centralized and easy to use automatic procedure. In this topic you find the background information, requirements and steps you have to follow.

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Centralized Agent Upgrade - Video

The Centralized Agent Upgrade is very secure and easy to do, watch our video here:


The Centralized Agent Upgrade (CAU) is an automatic upgrade solution. It provides an easy and automatic procedure to upgrade agents to a newer version.

Agents can run as either the old or new version agent during upgrade. There is a switch between agent versions at one point of the CAU, therefore a 'zero downtime' is not possible.


Procedure Summary

Upgrade Preparation

The following OS agents can be upgraded by using the CAU:



Automation Engine Installation

The Automation Engine installation has to be installed and/or upgraded (ZDU) in the usual way.

Upgrading the Agents' ServiceManagers During CAU

Starting with v12.1, the agents' ServiceManagers can be upgraded during CAU.

Manual Agent Installation

You have to manually install an agent in the following cases:

Agent upgrade via CAU - Storage Objects

An agent has already been installed that supports CAU functionality (see table above).

Set User Privilege

Any administrator / user who shall be able to execute an upgrade, CAU or ZDU, needs the privilege Execute system upgrades.

Install the CA AutomicPlugin Manager

In order to be able to import the resource packages mentioned above you need to install the CA AutomicInstalling the Plugin Manager. It is itself a plug-in and would be part of your Automic Web Interface installation.

Install the downloaded Packages using the Packs page

Install the packages (packs) you downloaded using the Packs page in your AWI installation.

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