Use the FORECAST_OBJECT script function to generate a forecast for an object. You can generate a forecast of the expected runtime any executable object. This script function generates the same type of object forecast as you can manually generate through the context menu in the Automic Web Interface.

Note: The script function causes all open transactions of the script to be written to the AE database. For more information, see Script Processing.

Tip: Use the FORECAST_TASKscript function to create forecasts of running tasks.


FORECAST_OBJECT (Object Name, Title, [Date Format:]Date, [Time Format;]Start Time [,Registrations] [,Group_ERT])


Note: If you specify a date or time format, include a separator (: or ;) between the date format and date, and time format and time.

Return Code

The FORECAST_OBJECT function returns a 16-digit number with leading zeros. The function returns the value 0000000000000000 after a successful forecast creation.


The following script creates a forecast for a file transfer, and specifies date and time formats.


The following example creates a forecast for a Job running in a group. Instead of using the ERT of this group, the forecast uses a fixed value of 60 seconds.

:SET &RET# = FORECAST_OBJECT("T91.REM.03","FORECAST_T91.REM.03","MM/DD/YY:11/07/03","200000","Y",60)

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