Prerequisites on UNIX / LINUX

Disk Space

Dollar Universe V6 requires 400 MB minimum disk space to install correctly.

UNIX Operating Systems

For more information on operating systems and compatibility with other Dollar Universe products, refer to the compatibility matrix available at > Dollar Universe > Dollar Universe - Compatibility Matrix.

On AIX, SOLARIS and Linux, Dollar Universe is a 32 bits application: on 64 bits OS, the compatibility 32 bits libraries must be installed for the product to install and operate. On some distributions (Linux for example), default installation on 64 bits OS does not included those libraries, the corresponding package must be explicitly installed.

The basic sh shell is not supported, the shell must be at least a ksh, bash ...


A Univiewer Management Server should be accessible (on UNIX or Windows) to register the Dollar Universe Application Server. If at the time of installing Dollar Universe Application Server V6, the Univiewer Management Server is unreachable registration may be carried out manually at a later moment.

A valid Univiewer Management Server license for Dollar Universe Application Server must be present or registration of the Dollar Universe Application Server will fail.

License keys can be obtained from the web site (log in with your credentials, in the License Request tab, select New Request and fill the required fields), or through your sales contact.

On Linux, the use of Dollar Universe Manager for SAP Solutions will only be possible if the library libstdc + is installed. This library must be a 32 bits version.
On Linux 32 bits, prerequisites must be met for the use of the SAP NetWeaver RFC library, otherwise the Manager for SAP Solution process (uxagtsap) may not start correctly. Please refer to the SAP note 1025361 which indicates how to proceed.

From Dollar Universe V6.0.01 and later, on UNIX and Linux, the library must be installed.

Dollar Universe v6 uses LD_LIBRARY_PATH and LIBPATH environment variables to access its libraries. Please check this does not interfere with other applications.

Company Start / Stop on UNIX / Linux

In case of a V5 to V6 upgrade, the Company must be started in order to run the upgrade procedure.

In case of a V6 to V6 update, the Company must be stopped before the update. If not stopped, a message will inform the user.

Installation Account on UNIX / Linux

Installation of the Dollar Universe Application Server is traditionally carried out under a root user account, since the scheduler generally needs to submit jobs on behalf of other user accounts. However, certain customers with high security requirements do not allow software to be installed with and run under generic accounts like root.

Dollar Universe Application Server V6 can now be installed under non-privileged user accounts.

Non-root Installation Account

In that case, all Dollar Universe Application Server objects belong to the installation user account, no SETUID bit is set so jobs can only be launched under the installation user account. If jobs must be launched under other user accounts then the SUDO utility will be necessary to allow the installation user account to execute the u_batch (batch envelope) as root. Refer to the Dollar Universe Administration Guide for more details.

The following steps must be executed as follows to insure the installation success. We assume that the non-root user "TOM" has already been created.

As a root user, execute the following commands:

mkdir -p /var/opt/AUTOMIC

mkdir -p /var/opt/ORSYP    (only used to register the installation)

Even though the installation will create this directory, we need to “pre-create” it in order to give the non-root user the right on it.

chown -R TOM /var/opt/AUTOMIC

chown -R TOM /var/opt/ORSYP

This is to ensure the user “TOM” will be able to write in the /var/opt directory during the installation procedure.

chown -R TOM /<COMPANY_path>

This is to ensure the user “TOM” will be able to write in the directory where the installation is going to take place; in this case, the user is installing Dollar Universe V6 in /<COMPANY_path>.

su TOM

Log in as the regular non-root user and proceed to the standard installation.

Non-root Administrator Account

As a temporary solution, you can install Dollar Universe using the root account and create a non-root user as the administrator of the Company. In this case, the Company files belong to this administrator and SETUID is properly positioned. Jobs can then run with any submission account, including root.

SE Linux security

This applies to both root and non-root users.

If the Linux on which you are operating has a SE Linux security, you will also need to do the following manipulation:

You must deactivate the SE Linux temporarily. As the root user, execute the command:

echo 0 >/selinux/enforce

Otherwise, error types such as the one below are displayed:

error while loading shared libraries:../bin/lib/ cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied

Note that the SE Linux must stay disabled the whole time, and not just during the installation, otherwise, there might be some problems with job executions.

To avoid this security risk, there is a "safer" solution:

After installing the kit, you can execute these commands (as root):

chcon -t texrel_shlib_t

chcon -t texrel_shlib_t

chcon -t texrel_shlib_t

And then reactivate the SE Linux security:

echo 1 >/selinux/enforce

This will change the permission on the designated libraries, which allows them to do text relocations. This way, Dollar Universe can operate with the security enabled.

This information applies to Linux installations, and not necessarily to all UNIX installations.

Cron Jobs import

Dollar Universe needs to be installed under root user or a user with Administrator profile to be able to import cron jobs defined in the following: