Upgrade History

The Upgrade History page provides detailed information on the Centralized Agent Upgrade (CAU). For more information, see CAU - Upgrade Procedure.

This page includes the following:


The Upgrade History page provides detailed information on the Centralized Agent Upgrade (CAU) upon starting the process. It lists the agents that are currently being upgraded and those that have already been upgraded. The page allows you to see details of the upgrade processes and to open reports created for each process, where you can check the version from which and the version to which has been upgraded.

By default, only the Centralized Agent Upgrade (CAU) executions of the last 12 hours are displayed. You can change this default period using the DEFAULT_TASKLIST_TIMESPAN parameter in the UC_SYSTEM_SETTINGS variable. For more information, see DEFAULT_TASKLIST_TIMESPAN.

Also, you can get older executions regardless of the definition of the DEFAULT_TASKLIST_TIMESPAN parameter by setting the relevant time frame in the filter options. For more information, see Filtering the Contents of the List.

Upgrade History List

The following columns are displayed by default:

For more information, see Showing and Hiding Columns.

Customizing the List

Use the buttons on the toolbar to customize the list view. The options available are the following:

Filtering the Contents of the List

The filter pane allows you to restrict the number of records displayed on the main page using parameters defined in the CAU. You can combine the filter criteria available.

Note: Consider that the filter behaves differently depending on the view you have selected:

The following filter options are available:

Exporting to CSV

For more information, see Exporting Tables to CSV.

Opening the Reports

Right-click a CAU run or an agent and select Open Report.

Note: This option is not available for entries with status Waiting for Host or Skipped Manually.