Script Statement: Ends an agent, the agents of an agent group, a work or communication process


:TERMINATE [Connection], Name




Type of connection
Format: AE name, script literal or script literal

Allowed values: "HOST" (default value), "HOSTGROUP" and "SERVER"
"HOST" = Agent
"HOSTGROUP" = Agents of an agent group
"SERVER" = Work or communication process


Name of an agent, agent group, work or communication process
Format: script literal or script variable


This script statement can be used to end agents and work and communication processes. The parameter Connection does not have to be indicated. A colon must be set if it is not used.

Instead of specifying an individual agent, you can also indicate an agent group. The termination applies to all agents that belong to this group.

If the connection to an agent should end on a temporary basis, we recommend using the script element  :DISCONNECT. In this case, the agent reconnects to the Server when the next signal for an agent check is sent. With :SHUTDOWN all work and communication processes of the AE system can be terminated.

 The right to "cancel" server processes or agents is required to execute this script statement.


The example below terminates a work process.


In this example, the agent "WIN21" is terminated. The type of connection is not indicated.


See also:

Script element/function Description


Disconnects a connection to the AE system.
:SHUTDOWN Ends an AE system.


Processes ServiceManager actions or queue modifications.

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